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Prudential RideLondon 2016 – Friday 29th July to Sunday 31st July

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RideLondon, the world’s greatest festival of cycling, returns with six events to enjoy over three days, this July kicking off for the first time on Friday 29 July with the RideLondon GrandPrix. Friday 29th July 2016 – RideLondon GrandPrix – first time added one more day to enjoy exciting races, competitions and family fun at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Saturday 30th July 2016 – RideLondon FreeCycle – this is a 8 mile route in central London Saturday 30th July 2016 – RideLondon Classique   – this is the part of the Women’s UCI World Tour Race Saturday 30th July – Brompton World Championship – this is the second time the race has been held in the capital, where the Brompton bike was invented Sunday 31st July 2016 – RideLondon – Surrey 100 – this is the race for the general public that starts in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, goes out to Surrey and then ends on The Mall Sunday 31st July 2016 – Ride London- Surrey 46 – this is the race for newer and younger cyclists that start at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park straight after the start of...

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London Hot Summer: Tips to stay cool in a heatwave!

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It’s the hottest week of the year in the UK, with temperatures rising to 35 °C. Here are some tips to stay cool in a heatwave. 1. Wear natural, loose cotton clothing as it allows the skin to breathe. Light colors reflect the sun’s light and dark colors will attract the sun. Avoid black and synthetic clothes in the hot weather if you don’t want to droop! 2. Steer clear of large meals. Your body produces heat when you digest a large or high protein meal, so eat small meals more often to stay cool. 3. We know it doesn’t sound appealing on a hot day, but spicy food can actually cool you down by making you sweat. 4. Drink lots and lots of water – 2.5 liters for a woman and 3 liters for a man is a good volume of water on a hot day as you may lose water through sweating. It will, of course, depend on your body weight. You may need more or less depending on your size and activity levels. 5. If you are feeling very hot, run your wrist under cold water...

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London Tech Week 2016: Presenting UK’s Finest in Technology Expertise

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From June 20th to June 24th, thousands of technology enthusiasts, international delegations, and country ambassadors will descend upon London to take part in the city’s official technology festival. London Tech Week 2016 is set to inspire new ideas, connect technology enthusiasts, and bring insights from industry experts. With all that activity taking place in the short span of 4 days, there sure will be a lot of London airport transfers taking place. This year’s event picks up from the success of Tech Week 2015, where attendees numbered in excess of 40,000. With over 350,000 Londoners employed in the technology and digital sectors, the city is fast becoming Europe’s technology capital. What began in Shoreditch as a few startups is now known as East London Tech City. The Silicon Valley’s equivalent in the UK. And it is no longer restricted to that area, but rather an important catalyst of London’s economic progress. From innovating the way food is delivered across London, to revolutionizing Heathrow airport transfers via mobile technology, London’s tech heritage is taking off pretty fast. Countries & Participants London Tech Week attracts a wide demographic from around the...

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East London Tech City: UK’s Very Own Silicon Valley

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With over £1 billion in investments, scores of start-ups, and sponsors that include Google, Intel, and McKinsey, the East London Tech City holds immense promise. Being the 3rd largest technology cluster in the world after San Francisco and New York, the Tech City has official backing from the government and various incentives to attract entrepreneurs to London. The government announced official leverage to the initiative in 2010, with initiatives such as co-investment funds, overall relaxation in taxes, and a special Entrepreneur Visa for those who have dynamic businesses to setup in London. It’s like the government is making it so easy as to just hopping aboard London airport transfers, making a landing and getting straight to work! History and Background It is said that revolutions are born at the time of turmoil, and London’s tech revolution was born at the time of financial turmoil in 2008. At the time when the recession hit, various small tech startups moved to the area north of the City of London. This was primarily owing to the fact that rents were falling during the recession, and startups could easily afford them. As more...

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The Knowledge: What Uber Can Never Match in London

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Few tests in the world are as grueling as London’s famous taxi license exam, the Knowledge. It is a test of one’s intellect that easily takes the crown as the world’s hardest geography test, and has existed since 1865. It takes years to learn and memorize London’s labyrinth of streets and landmarks, and can never be overtaken by any sat-nav technology that aims to compete with London’s experts. What Makes the Knowledge so Challenging Black Cabs are an integral part of London’s heritage, and the Knowledge is what makes one worthy of driving those iconic vehicles. To qualify for the coveted green badge of becoming a London cabbie, you need to become an expert on 25,000 streets, roads, avenues, lanes, and alleys that lie within a 6-mile radius of Charing Cross. The theoretical knowledge is gained by aspirants from a training manual known as the Blue Book. But the memorization doesn’t stop at the pathways, and also includes a staggering 20,000 landmarks in the demarcated area. The standard method for aspiring cabbies to master the exam has become riding on a motorbike or scooter across London with a map,...

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TfL & Google Team Up to Bring Convenience Across London

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Using public transport in London just became a whole lot easier if you have an Android phone. Transport for London has partnered with Google to enable passengers across the city to pay their fares using the Android Pay app. Whether it’s a tube journey or London airport transfers, the convenience of contactless payments is a strategic and beneficial step that will go a long way in terms of passenger comfort. TfL’s “Contactless” Vision Gaining Traction The inculcation of Android Pay as a fare payment method is not the first for the contactless method in London. They were first introduced in 2012, across London’s bus fleets. After the successful initial rollout, the method was expanded to include the overground, tube, and trams over the next 2 years. While TfL initially projected a slow but steady take-up by the public of contactless payments, passenger adoption of the method exceeded expectations. 2015 figures revealed that TfL accounted for one in every 7 contactless transactions across the United Kingdom. The sheer volume also makes it one of the largest contactless merchants in the world. Just this month, it was announced that customers travelling...

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The Elite London: Where London, and the World’s Richest, Go to Shop

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In the latter part of 18th century, the wealthy from the upper echelons of society would gather in Victorian era markets to splurge on life’s many luxuries. The finest in cloth, jewelry, perfumery, and many other things would be purchased by the elite in one go. The Elite London Show is the modern version of 18th century elitist markets. From jewelry to interiors, and supercars to blazing personal jets, the show brings the finest of luxury craft under one roof. This year’s event will take place on June 3rd at the Rizon Jet FBO in London’s Biggin Hill Airport. Theme of the Show Known as a hub of luxury exhibitions from the most exclusive manufacturers, the Elite London attracts high net-worth individuals from all over the UK, as well as the world. Tickets are expectedly few and reserved in advance, and the show pulls in buyers for the best private jets, supercars, turboprop aircraft, luxury yachts and powerboats. One might think that why such an elitist show would take place at an airport. Well, the individuals who attend have no shortage of personal aircraft, and prefer to arrive in...

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Luton Airport Achieves 13 Million Passengers Milestone

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It seems that the UK’s fifth busiest airport just got a whole lot busier, and more successful as well. London Luton Airport just broke its previous record by having served 13 million passengers in the past 12 month period. With the month of April marking a record run of 25 months of consecutive passenger growth, Luton is fast becoming the go-to airport for travel across Europe from London. Impressive Growth Trends Luton has been on a climb for quite some time now. The notable growth has been fueled by the airport management’s successful drive to position Luton for most of inner-Europe travel. Cities like Copenhagen, Rome, and Zurich are popular destinations for passengers taking off from Luton. Additionally, travellers are benefiting from an expanding variety of routes. Additionally, the airport is easily accessible through local taxi in London, making it convenient for everyone. This month of May alone will see the launch of six new routes, including to Italy and Paris. This assortment of routes allows passengers to be able to capitalize on the lowest rates and best deals, leading to popularity for the airport. Business people are also...

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London is Home to Five of the World’s Top Universities in 2016

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London has a long educational history spanning back almost 180 years. From educating royals to cultivating billionaires across various industries, London’s educational heritage runs deep into the diaries of time. Times Global is the world’s largest online community with millions of registered teachers and education professionals. It publishes the list of top universities around the globe, with professionals providing their insights into which institutes are the best performers. This year, London has set a high standard again by being home to 5 of the world’s top universities. The one’s that made the list are as follows. London School of Economics One of the most interesting things about London School of Economics is that out of all 4000 European universities, it has educated the most number of billionaires. This includes names like George Soros, one of the richest 30 people in the world. Country leaders who have walked the corridors of LSE include the crown prince of Dubai and Juan Santos, the president of Colombia. The first batch to graduate from LSE was in 1902, and today the university holds the highest proportion of research produced out of all British...

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Phantom Rides: Londoner’s Charged for Uber Rides They Never Took

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There’s nothing more alarming than sitting in one part of the world and having your credit card charged in another country, when you have never even been there! This is exactly what happened to innocent individuals in London when their finances were dented by Uber rides they never took. To make matters worse, some of them didn’t even have the app on their phones. The phenomenon of “phantom rides”, or simply put, Uber bookings made using the financial details of unsuspecting victims have shed more light into Uber’s quest of biting more than it can chew. It might have billions in market value, but perhaps the company should increase its focus on data security if it is to deal with customers across the world. A Rising Trend of Data Leaks Trend Micro is a multinational cyber-security company that tracks data breaches all over the world. They conduct various online forensic activities to help law enforcement protect people from cyber fraud. In their report titled “Follow the Data: Dissecting Data Breaches and Debunking Myths”, the company makes it clear that Uber logins have been the hottest selling items of fraudsters...

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